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Banner Exchange Program

Join the banner exchange program to earn credits. Get 1000 free banner impressions just for becoming a member.


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Paid Advertiser Program

Don't want to show banners on your site? Want more advertising option? Join as a Paid Advertiser and get 2500 credits just for joining.


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Advertising Packages

Exchange Users and Advertisers can purchase packages to increase their exposure. Packages available are:

  • Impressions Package
  • Pay-Per-Click Packages
  • Or Bonus Advertisers Packages

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Banner Exchange Categories

Exchange Users & Paid Advertisers Can Select Their Own Categories



Both banner exchanges members and Advertisers can choose which website categories they want their banners to appear on. Categories  currently available are below but if you would like us to add a new one please let us know.







Categories Include:
  • Arts, Crafts & Music
  • Autos, Aircraft & Mobility
  • Business, Marketing & Investment
  • Computers, Software, Hardware & Internet
  • Games, Videos & Entertainment
  • Health, Fitness & Medicine
  • Home, Family, Cooking & Garden
  • Kids, Teens & Babies
  • Home Business & Business Opportunities
  • News, Blogs & Media
  • Real Estate & Property Investment
  • Recreation, Travel, Food & Humour
  • Reference, Maps, Education & Libraries
  • Regional, Country Related & Local
  • Science, Space & Environmental
  • Shopping, Fashion, Gifts & Consumer Items
  • Society, Culture, Religion & Political
  • Sports, Leisure & Outdoors
  • Webmasters, Website Services & Graphic Artist


If your advertising category is not available please contact us and we will consider adding it to the list. You can also use the forum to post the categories and banner sizes you are most interest in for other members to view.


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