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Banner Exchange Program

Join the banner exchange program to earn credits. Get 1000 free banner impressions just for becoming a member.


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Paid Advertiser Program

Don't want to show banners on your site? Want more advertising option? Join as a Paid Advertiser and get 2500 credits just for joining.


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Advertising Packages

Exchange Users and Advertisers can purchase packages to increase their exposure. Packages available are:

  • Impressions Package
  • Pay-Per-Click Packages
  • Or Bonus Advertisers Packages

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Referring New Banner Exchange Users
Rewards For Referring New Members



Did you know you can refer new members to the Banner Exchange and receive rewards in addition to the free impressions you get when you join?


You will get 50 clicks for each new user you refer PLUS you also will receive 20% from the number of impressions and 20% from the number of clicks sent by the users you refer who become exchange members.


Your Referral Link


Send possible users to


You will also find this link on your 'Main Statistics' page in your ad management section.


Don't forget to change 'YOURUSERNAME' to the username you use to login to the exchange.


If you have any questions about referrals please feel free to contact us.


We will be offering morerewards as the site grows. You can increase the exposure of your banners also by going to Google and searching for 'Banner Exchange Australia'. The more times you search for us and click on our link the higher our site goes in the search engines. This will increase the exposure of our site which will increase the exposure of your site.

So Help Us To Help You and Start Searching Now.



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